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The Results are in!

Posted: 11th January 2018

Here at Brampton, we really value the voice of both our students and parents, and offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for the community to tell us what they think of the College. Here are some highlight results from our recent survey.

Over three quarters of respondents found Brampton through fantastic recommendations. This alone speaks to the College’s reputation as a college which can offer an individual and one-to-one experience for students, in a small, supportive community. When asked to describe Brampton in just five words, many people chose the words supportive, friendly and community. These are all qualities that Brampton prides itself on.

We also asked how respondents felt about Brampton now that they, or their son or daughter, had started at the College. These answers were overwhelmingly positive, and it was particularly encouraging how many comments there were about the particularly high quality of teaching here at Brampton. Many students said that due the atmosphere at the College, they now felt far more confident than at their previous school. Students emphasised that their experience of Brampton is more than just excellent academic teaching, but also pastoral support, which results in students feeling more confident and comfortable now that they are studying here, and leads to them seeing more of a significant improvement in the standard of their work. This truly speaks to the supportive atmosphere that the College values so highly.

Here are some highlight comments from students and parents:

I think the community of the school has really been a highlight of starting here, I never feel uncomfortable, I always feel happy here. However, the best thing about Brampton has been the quality of teaching. I really love my relationship with my teachers and their drive, allowing me to thrive and progress.”

I have felt so much more confident in my education since being at Brampton.”

I am amazed at the amount of help I receive.”

We could not have made a better choice.”

The quality of teaching, guidance and support will help him to achieve his career goals – thank you!”


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