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UCAS Update March 2018

Posted: 27th March 2018

Sarah McWatters is part of our team of highly qualified careers advisors who support Brampton’s students through the UCAS application process, from start to finish. Here Sarah outlines an update of our students university applications, as well as some advice for AS students.

A2/A1/A1t students: Offers for entry 2018

All of our students have now attracted offers from top universities across the UK for 2018 entry. This includes an impressive list of students who have applied for Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. Congratulations to our students, who have worked hard for these offers. We also have a couple of students who have been considered and accepted by USA universities, which is very exciting for those concerned. Well done Brampton College students!

As we move into the Easter holidays, it is important for the A2/A1/A1t students to consider their offers carefully, if they have not yet replied to them. Their ambitious choices are usually the CF choice, however their CI choice should take into account the results of their mock exams.

ALL offers received by

Reply date / UCAS deadline

31st March 2nd May
3rd May 7th June
7th June 21st June

Students who have not received all of their offers by 31st March are welcome to book an appointment with Sarah McWatters in careers when they come back for the summer term.

If students have responded to their offers, then they can contact their CF choice to book accommodation. Please remember that applications for student finance should be completed and submitted by 31st May.

Y12 Students: Taster courses and open days

When researching degrees it is important to make informed decisions. Students can visit universities for an open day to have a look around – checking whether they like the degrees on offer and whether they would prefer to be in a city or on campus. Most open days take place after the summer exams, and many universities hold them at weekends.

There are many taster courses at the University of London (including UCL, KCL, QMUL, LSE, City, RHUL etc.). These give students an opportunity to experience an undergraduate lecture, as well as have a guided tour around the university. Students can discover more about a specific pathway and decide whether this is for them or not.

UCAS week June 2018

After summer exams, Y12 students will be back to their usual timetables, but there will also be some UCAS workshops and talks from guest speakers. The aim is to assist students with their degree choices as well as start their personal statements. This way, students will be well prepared for the Autumn term when the UCAS applications are processed and submitted. This is an intense part of their education, so the better prepared the students are, the smoother the journey.

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