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Jacob Trup runs for councillor in Barnet this week!

Posted: 2nd May 2018

Jacob Trup, one of Brampton’s A2 students, is taking his Politics A level out of the classroom, and into the ballot box! He is one of the youngest councillor candidates in this week’s local elections. Jacob is standing in Barnet’s Totteridge ward for the Green Party. To make matters even more interesting, Jacob is running against his aunt, a current Tory councillor!

Jacob first became interested in the Green Party when representing the Greens at a mock election at school. He looked into their policies and found many of them appealing, especially on issues such as Brexit and Trident. His manifesto policies include dealing with issues related to transport, dumping and security in Totteridge. Jacob’s story was covered in this week’s edition of the Jewish Chronicle. You can read more about it here.

Well done Jacob. We wish you luck on Thursday!

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