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Has feminism gone too far? Brampton students discuss!

Posted: 15th October 2018

Monday lunch times just won’t be the same. Discussions on all sorts of relevant topics sparking the most intriguing and compelling debates. Last week’s edition began with the question of ‘has feminism gone too far?’ A pertinent topic in today’s news. This lead to us exploring this statement further, within the discussion we looked at the roles of females in Television and Hollywood. We went on to debate ‘Can a woman play James Bond or Doctor Who?’ Responses varied round the table with some taking the stance that there is romanticism and tradition behind James Bond being played by a male because that’s how it has always been. On the contrary people also shared the view that as both stories are fictional therefore why can’t anyone play the role? With the amazing impartial Nicole (our sociology teacher) leading the debate, order was always kept, and the result was an all-inclusive discussion upon the topic of modern day feminism.

By Ahmed Naas, student

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