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Isaac Curiel on his artwork

Posted: 29th October 2018

cut outs of dancers

Isaac is taking his AS art during his first year at Brampton – he is currently looking at figurative focused work

“For my project within the theme of ‘Space’, I have chosen to look at dancers and theatre. More specifically, I’ve looked at the way that space is explored within dance, and the movement and expression of the dancers. I have created this mobile as an experiment, using card to intricately cut out silhouettes of ballet dancers. The harsh lighting is used to create sharp, bold shadows and the spotlights imitate those of a theatre. My intention was to explore the interaction of the shadows, mirroring the movements of dancers. I used monotone to shift the viewer’s focus to the shadows created rather than the figures themselves – which float and seem to interact and almost dance with their shadows.”

Isaac’s work

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