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What Are the Best A levels to Take to Study Medicine?

Posted: 20th February 2019

Has it always been your dream is to study Medicine at university and become a Doctor? If so, it’s likely that you have a strong interest in science related subjects. That’s a great place to start, because when considering your future career, it’s important to choose appropriate A levels so that you can get onto the right university course.

It’s worth noting that Medicine is a highly competitive field, so you’ll be expected to have excellent grades. If you don’t get the right grades to get into your preferred university, you’ll always be able to delay the course and retake your A levels. Universities also look highly upon students who have other qualifications and experiences, such as volunteer work or time spent abroad. You could think about taking a year out to do those things and improve your chances of getting onto the course.

So, which A levels are right?

Broadly speaking, the majority of universities will insist on Chemistry and Biology. With regards to your third option, it’s worth doing some research before you take your pick because different universities have different requirements. For example, some will prefer that you broaden your academic horizons and have a completely different A level as your third option, such as English or Art. Other universities would rather you have another related subject, such as Physics or Mathematics. The latter will work well with Chemistry and Biology. You will also need superb communication skills to help you deal with your future patients and/or medical colleagues.

Of course, a degree in Medicine will be extremely rewarding, despite taking a long time to complete. However, it will also be quite a challenge at times. With that said, you must be absolutely certain that it’s what you want to study before you pick your subjects.

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