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“Sending Rafi to Brampton was the best decision we made”

Posted: 20th August 2019

a boy with his a level results

Rafi Rees achieved A*AAA in his A level results last week and a place at UCL to read Electrical Engineering. He was elated with his results, explaining:

“I’m so relieved! I came from a school where I wasn’t given much attention or motivation to study. However, Brampton provided a stand-out level of teaching with focussed monitoring and an environment where support is always on offer. The teachers at Brampton taught me to work independently and were always helping me perform to my personal best. In turn, the College built my confidence and self-belief and, from there, I started getting the results. My ultimate goal was to be happy and Brampton’s put me on that path already!”

His parents wrote to us last week and were keen to share their message:

Sending Rafi to Brampton was the best decision we made and we are so grateful to you for taking him on and turning him into a confident, happy and well-rounded student who has reached his potential at Brampton College.

Thank you so much for running a first rate, efficient, high expectations, high achieving, encouraging, happy place that creates happy, confident, well-educated young adults who will carry their positive educational experience through their lives.  Thank you for the foundation stone into adult life.  Thank you to you, and to your amazing staff.

Dr Joanna Rees and Dr Jeremy Rees