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“Coming to Brampton to re-sit my A levels has rebuilt my confidence and self-belief”

Posted: 21st August 2019

Results Day

Duro Adebayo did a retake course at Brampton last year and improved his grades from ABE to A*AA, going from an E to an A in Mathematics – an outstanding result!

As a result of my grades, I’ve got a place at the University of Bristol to study Philosophy – it’s where I’ve always wanted to go and I’m so happy and relieved! Brampton has helped me every step of the way.

Compared to my previous school, there’s been so much more one-to-one support. The teachers genuinely care about your progress and their guidance has really boosted my confidence through the year. They have a fantastic knowledge of their subject and past papers which really helps you to feel prepared. Plus their weekly feedback on your progress means you never have any knowledge gaps and you’re never under any illusions about how you’re doing. This prevents the need for any cramming and puts you in the right mental space to to get through.

My advice to any students who are considering retaking their A levels or changing schools: Come to Brampton and take what’s on offer. It’s a real opportunity to turn things around!

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