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A warm welcome to all our new students

Posted: 11th September 2019

New Students at Brampton College

How to Make the First Weeks of College Easier

We’d like to welcome all of you new students to the College and we wish you both a happy and successful time here. We understand that the first few days at College are likely to feel daunting and it is quite normal to feel apprehensive about your new start. However, Brampton College has a very friendly and informal atmosphere which we hope will make students feel comfortable, confident and positive about making new friends, meeting their teachers and starting their course. You’ve already had a few group ice-breaker sessions which we hope you enjoyed (see photo!), but here are some tips to help make your first weeks at the College even easier.

  • You will already have received lots of information, so please make sure you read all the information carefully and feel free to speak to your personal tutor if you have any questions.
  • You will also have received your final timetable. A top tip is to take a photograph of your timetable, so you can keep it on your phone.
  • Take the time to talk to those people you meet during your first few days. They’re probably feeling a little apprehensive too and you’ll be able to support each other.
  • Keep in mind that everyone in your year group is in the same boat as you. So do come in feeling ready to embrace your new phase of education and eager to make new friends and welcome new learning opportunities!
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