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Our Amazon Fulfilment Centre trip – a lot more fulfilling than you’d think!

Posted: 13th February 2020

Students visiting an Amazon Fulfilment Centre

Organising the Amazon Fulfilment Centre trip for me and my peers stemmed from a class debate about trips that the business department at Brampton offer which we thought would be helpful, relevant and insightful for our upcoming Business A level exams. After careful consideration we, as a class, agreed on visiting the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Dunstable. The trip provided knowledge on the use of robotics for stock control, the process Amazon operates and how a J.I.T system was implemented in a real business environment.

I believe that the real advantage of this trip was seeing what we are currently learning and revising in action. This helps us to gain further understanding in the way that we can apply these techniques in answering questions and provide valid examples to apply respectively. The trip was a really positive and beneficial experience for all of us and was topped off by Amazon offering a variety of free gifts for us to choose from! I hope that this trip will be offered to years to come and that they will enjoy it as much as we all did.

Ethan Svirsky and the upper-sixth Business set

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