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Nimrah is off to study Medicine having improved her grades from BB to A*A*!

Posted: 26th August 2020

International Students

This year at Brampton College I studied Biology and Chemistry A level. I received BB first round at another school and after resitting at Brampton, achieved A*A*. I am very pleased to say I will be studying Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University. I am extremely happy and grateful for the grades I have achieved. I definitely think hard work and determination pays off!

Some of the key factors that helped me to reach success were the weekly tests, which made sure I was constantly reviewing what I had learnt and locating any weaknesses. The revision packs which also contained past paper questions helped me perfect my exam technique and scientific terminology. Teacher tutorials were especially helpful as I could focus on the topics I personally found difficult. As well as this, I could ask for further questions on topics I wanted to practice or wanted to challenge myself with.

Compared to my previous school, Brampton was more focused on each individual and offered greater support. The variety of revision resources provided was a defining factor.I would like to thank my teachers for their expertise in the subjects they taught and for building my confidence!

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