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Retake student thrilled with her achievement of A*A*A

Posted: 3rd September 2020

Happy Student

I achieved A*A*A in Biology, Sociology and Chemistry respectively and I am off to the University of Manchester to study Biology with Science and Society. I am very happy with what I have achieved as I feel they accurately reflect the hard work I put in to this past year.

From the day I started at Brampton, it was made clear to me that in order to improve I was going to have to put the same time and effort in, and more, to at least the level the teachers and the college put into each pupil. This transparency from the college made it easy for me to make sure I was focused from day one. Furthermore, the weekly tests made sure you weren’t given the opportunity to fall behind and the fortnightly reports gave you the perfect review of how you have been doing that past fortnight. Both allowed you to assess how you have been working and change it if necessary. I think this is a brilliant system as it not only makes you revisit problematic areas but also pushes you to figure out the best way that you learn.

The teachers here put so much time and effort into all their students and lessons and it pays off. They always welcomed my questions in class, even if they were ‘silly’, and they always made time for you if you need an extra one-on-one session. I also really appreciated how every teacher took the time to go slowly through the weekly tests to correct any misconceptions and mistakes. Furthermore, the time they put into making the weekly tests, adapting them to certain areas that the class is struggling on to ensure no area of the spec was missed and also to make the questions as to the real exam as possible was amazing. I also appreciated the support given to students during the university application process. I always found this a daunting experience but Brampton’s teachers made it seem less so. Cutting it down into approachable pieces and ensuring your personal statement is the best itcould be.

Compared to my old school, Brampton has a lot less pupils and the classes sizes are much smaller. Especially when taking A levels, I think this is extremely beneficial as it ensures everyone on the class can be on the same level of understanding with no one getting left behind or going under the teacher’s radar. In every lesson the teachers made sure to ask if everyone understood before moving on. This is so important with A levels as fully understanding the subject is necessary to apply in to the questions in the exams. Furthermore, my previous school did not stay on top of the end of topic exams the same way Brampton does, meaning it was very easy to let certain areas of the spec slide.

I would just like to say thank you! I am so grateful to have met the teachers I had and experience their amazing teaching. I’m thankful that I managed to build a relationship with mutual respect, which motivated me to work hard and get the grades they believed I could achieved. I am also so grateful for my Sociology teacher, Nicole, as she pushed me to get tested for dyslexia, which got me the extra time and help I needed.

Overall I am so happy I took this year to re-sit, it has not only taught me to much about myself and the way I learn but has also built my academic confidence, which I am excited to now take through to university level.

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