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Former student, now successful dietitian tells us “I could not have done this without Brampton College!”

Posted: 28th January 2021

Former Brampton Student

I attended Brampton College (then The Tuition Centre) between 2000-2001.

I had dreamed of becoming a Dietitian for several years and started out doing Chemistry and Biology at a different sixth form college. Unfortunately, it was not a positive learning experience and led to my Chemistry teacher advising me to choose a different profession. This was not something I was prepared to consider and told him that I would be back to show him my ‘A’!

I started at Brampton College with the aim of completing my Chemistry and Biology A levels in just one year, which seemed like an enormous feat to me at the time. Then I met Jim Donaldson and John Barron. Suddenly, Chemistry started to make sense. They made learning a completely different experience – I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying (and actually understanding!) Chemistry! I am delighted to hear that Jim is back teaching at Brampton.

My time at the college has made me realise the value of a teacher who is not only knowledgeable in their subject, but also knows how to get their subject across. Their teaching was so excellent that I actually used their notes for my Chemistry module in the first year of university, as it made more sense than what the lecturer was saying!

I have now been working as a Dietitian for more than 15 years. I specialise in Type 2 Diabetes and weight management and have my own practice alongside my NHS work. I truly believe that I could not have done this without Brampton College and am so grateful to them. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

And yes, I did go back to my old college with my ‘A’ in Chemistry!

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