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Students present their Extended Project Qualification

Posted: 2nd June 2021

Ted Bundy Newspaper Article

Students studying an EPQ are presenting their projects this week. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is student-driven, giving them the freedom and responsibility to select a topic they are interested in, conduct a particular piece of research and make a presentation of their findings to an audience.  When completing a project qualification, students follow a clearly structured process: they plan, research their topic and create a product. Finally, students deliver a presentation. During the process, they develop as independent, reflective learners and acquire knowledge and transferable skills that are invaluable for further study and the workplace. Students are assessed on the product of their project and on the process itself.

This year’s topics are once again broad and unique. Asha Persaud has created a media documentary on the serial killer Ted Bundy. Here’s the link. Lily Neil has created short stories, whilst Tabitha Schroder-Smith will be presenting her dissertation on “The difference between men and women’s use of language is entirely a product of the environment” How far should we agree with this statement? Our budding scientists Isabella Millett will be presenting her dissertation on “How severe is the threat of Antibiotic resistance”? and Gabriel Balouka Myers is presenting a dissertation on Advancement in electrochemical cells, Enzymatic biofuel cells and their potential application for implantable power generation for medical devices.

Our students have always very much enjoyed the course, gaining the experience of in-depth study, more so than is possible at A level. It gives students confidence in working independently to explore their specialised topic. Universities often take the EPQ into account when formulating offers and they help to make students stand out from others, both in their personal statement and at interview. This is particularly important when applying for very competitive university courses such as medicine and law, or if you are making an application to a top university such as Oxford and Cambridge.

At Brampton we have seen some fantastic examples of the EPQ in recent years. Jack O’Connell’s memorable demonstration of the fire-power of the English archers at the Battle of Crecy was part of his investigation into the myths and realities of this famous episode in late medieval history.  And Max Bull’s examination of the role of hedge funds in the 2008 financial crash was also very impressive and informative for all who saw it. We wish our students all the best with their presentations this week – we can’t wait to see them!

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