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New equipment arrives in Nepal school supported by the Brampton Charitable Trust!

Posted: 24th November 2021

small children at a nepalese school

The Brampton Charitable Trust has supported Chance for Nepal since Bernard’s visit to Nepal in 2018. They are a small but wonderful charity doing very valuable work in Nepal. The charity is run by the immensely enthusiastic Barbara Datson, and the patron is Joanna Lumley. You can read more about it here,

Earlier in the year the Trust made a donation and an ongoing commitment to support a school, the Nima Academy in rural Nepal, in the district of Ramechhap. A Chance for Nepal has dedicated time and money to the school since 2018 with the purpose to educate every child in the village.

Back in 2018 the school had no land nor school building of their own, and the charity decided to use everything they had to buy a small piece of land for a playground and to build a small school. Unfortunately, due to the condition of the land a lot more was spent than originally estimated. As a result, they were unable to provide even the most basic educational equipment. However, with the money that Brampton Charitable Trust has donated, we are delighted to receive the news that new desks and chairs for the kindergarten and upper kindergarten have arrived (travelling from Kathmandu, many hours away and then up the mountain side!).  More supplies should arrive before the end of the month, but we were keen to share these two photos with you! We will keep you updated!

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