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A Level Results Day
sculpture of a figure on floor made of material

Capturing a moment of tension…

12th May 21

My Sculptures are made from plaster, fabric and resin. They were made to be seen in an exhibition space where the viewer could observe them from all perspectives. I am interested in how sculptural materials can get close to representing a...

girl in pool with swimming medals

Cheering for our student who makes Forbes ’30 under 30′ list!

5th May 21

We are exceptionally proud of Gaurika Singh whose achievements in the pool have seen her enter the prestigious ‘Forbes 30 under 30 Asia’ list for 2021. She’s already an athlete of note having achieved the distinction of being the youngest...

People in protective clothing burning bodies in India

PLEASE JOIN US NOW in raising £20,000 for the emergency ‘Oxygen for India’ appeal

29th April 21

PLEASE JOIN US NOW in raising £20,000 for the emergency ‘Oxygen for India’ appeal  India’s deadly Covid-19 second wave has devastated big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, but the pandemic has now firmly gripped many smaller cities, towns and villages where the destruction is largely under-reported....

sign on tree with message: girls should feel safe at school

The Immediate Need for Change within Society and Schools

12th April 21

The past month has been tumultuous to say the least. But rightly so; the activism and uproar sparked by the horrific death of Sarah Everard has brought the necessary conversation of women’s rights, safety and equality to the forefront again....

Sociology at Brampton

My thoughts on grade assessments

3rd April 21

Out of the crypts of the grey halls of Whitehall emerges a thin figured suited man, with an aroma of black coffee following him. He sits on his wooden desk clasping his ballpoint pen, whilst noting upon a string of...

Water Aid poster

Sponsor student who’s running for Water Aid!

29th March 21

The Brampton College Charitable Trust has supported the charity, Water Aid, for many years now. When they recently talked to our students over Zoom about some of their projects, one of our students was spurred into action to help. Here,...

Covid Safe Classroom

Welcome back!

15th March 21

We’d like to thank all the staff for their invaluable support and help with the lateral flow testing of all our students last week. Our thanks also to the students, whose attitude to the testing was exceptional. There were no...

Muay Thai Student

My passion for Muay Thai and why more girls should practise it

11th March 21

A year ago today, I not only didn’t know about Covid-19, but I also didn’t know what Muay Thai was. That was until I looked up types of karate on Google last September. I used to practise kickboxing when I was much...

Tree hugger

Why COVID-19 is a huge wake up call

5th March 21

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our world. The pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide, an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work as well...

Virtual Learning

How Brampton’s Young Enterprise is innovating life in lockdown

4th March 21

Succeeding in the Young Enterprise competition is determined by the originality of the business. This has been our main objective all along: to come up with a unique idea and win the grand ‘Company of the Year’ award in the...

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