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An update from our partner school in Nepal

Posted: 2nd February 2022

Partner School in Nepal

We are delighted to share an update on progress at our partner school , the Nima Academy. The school is perched high on the slopes of a mountain in the remote Ramechhap District of Eastern Nepal. UK charity, Chance for Nepal who are a major supporter of the school, work tirelessly to provide access to education, food supplies and healthcare in Nepal’s poorest regions.

As you may know, the Brampton Charitable Trust has made an ongoing commitment to support this very special school, which offers children a chance to receive an education which for many of them, the girls in particular, would otherwise not have been a possibility. Here’s an excerpt from the Chance for Nepal annual review:

Bimala Ghising, co-founder of the Nima Academy is one very special lady! She and her sister are working tirelessly to provide an excellent education for 60 students, with the intention to build up to over 130 students in time. The new school is set in the remote area of Doramba, Ramechhap (which stands at 3400m above sea level) and is now fully operational.

The school is run on Buddhist lines and at the start of each day the children line up outside for group exercises and singing. This is followed by meditation inside. The teacher pupil ratio is high and there is an even split between boys and girls. Children bring their Tiffin (packed lunch) to school and those whose parents are struggling financially are given a free school meal. Montessori teaching aids are used extensively, encouraging children to work things out for themselves with guidance from the teachers. There are 6 classrooms and a library room. Six of the children walk 5 hours every day from home to school and school to home!

During the year we funded school desks, chairs, whiteboards, books and sports equipment through a generous donation from The Brampton Charitable Trust, who are donating £1,500 to the school annually. Sharon Yuen, a long-term supporter of CHANCE has funded two new water tanks and the pipe work installation giving the children drinking and washing water. CHANCE has funded the building of a toilet block with basins, and windows for the classrooms – having windows on each side of the classroom gives as much natural light as possible. Power cuts and an inconsistent electricity supply means there are no lights in the classrooms, so natural light is a must.

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