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“I want to thank you for believing in my daughter”

Posted: 26th January 2023

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What a lovely note from one of our parents to the Principal! This is what it’s all about: investing time to properly understand the needs of each of our students; to have an unwavering and wholehearted commitment to never give up on them; and to the see the ‘gold’ in them, their individual strengths and capabilities. It makes us very proud to know we’re achieving these fundamental aims. Thank you, Elaine.

Dear Bernard,

I want to thank you for all the support and encouragement you and your dedicated team of teachers have shown to my daughter over the past year. We first met just over a year ago. My daughter was at another school and had received disappointing predictions for her A levels following her year 12 exams – particularly in her Art A level, a subject she was passionate about.

I realised that she needed to move to a different school, but I didn’t know where to turn. My good friend suggested Brampton College and after speaking to Pam on the phone for an hour we arranged to come for an interview. The interview was my first experience of Brampton and I was impressed by the way the college was run and by the dedication of you and your staff.

In August 2021, you and your team spent four and a half hours talking to my daughter and gaining an understanding of her, her attitude and approach to her studies. You appreciated how important it was for her to finish her A levels at the same time as her year group and you believed in her ability and determination to do this.

Adam Bainbridge – at that time your acting head of Art – was fully encouraging of her. Art was a subject in which she had lost confidence in her own ability and he restored it. I knew when we met him that she had to make the move to Brampton.

So my daughter moved to Brampton in September 2021, taking Year 12 and Year 13 Sociology at the same time, Art A level (in one year) and Year 13 Psychology. Nicole Kypker was entirely devoted to her. An excellent and dedicated teacher, she gave up her own time on many occasions to ensure my daughter was managing and eventually excelling in the subject. She went from being a C/D student to being an A/A* student in the space of a few months due to the support of Nicole. I cannot thank Nicole enough for her support. My daughter also began to flourish in Psychology.

I am so grateful to Pam (Admissions) for our initial conversations, where she gave her time to appreciating my daughter’s situation and letting me know Brampton could help. I am thankful to you for the rigorous interview process and the intense session we had where you got to the bottom of what she could achieve in the right environment.

I want to thank you for believing in my daughter and enabling her to get A level results she is proud of and that have taken her through to the next stage of her journey.

Elaine, parent

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