students happy

“Definitely, without a doubt, come to Brampton!”

Posted: 24th August 2023

girl smiling about her results

Kara achieved a hat-trick of As and is off to study Medicine! Here she tells us how Brampton helped her achieve her goals.

“I achieved three As in Biology, Chemistry and Physics! I’ve got into Bristol University to study Medicine. I’m so happy, as soon as I saw the grades I was crying.

When I came to Brampton the big issue for me was exam anxiety. The weekly tests really helped me to build my confidence and the teachers really helped instil a love of learning into me. They also care about the students so much and are always there to offer further support.

Definitely, without a doubt, come to Brampton! I haven’t loved learning as much until I came here – it’s been so much fun. Not only are the teachers great, but all the students too. It’s like one big family.”