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For any potential retake students out there: “I’d have no hesitation recommending Brampton”

Posted: 24th August 2023

mum hugging her son

Congratulations to Julien, who resat his A levels to achieve a place at Nottingham to read Economics! Here, his father tells us how Julien’s decision to do a retake course at Brampton has paid off.

“My son, Julien, got his first choice to study Economics at Nottingham. We’re thrilled and relieved – a mix of emotions! It’s been a long journey. He was at another school before, but didn’t put in enough work so he didn’t get his first choice last year. He could have taken his second choice uni place, but he decided this wasn’t what he wanted to do. It was the right decision to repeat the year and get what he needed for the right place. It’s all paid off.

Brampton College has massively helped. They refocussed him and got him to put in the work he needed to. The teachers were very supportive, the environment is brilliant for learning and he made some really good friends, who all supported each other. It’s all come good!

For anyone considering coming to Brampton, I’d say don’t hesitate. It’s a very supportive school in all respects and I’d have no hesitation recommending Brampton to any parent.”


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