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Are you ready…to excel at languages?

Posted: 7th September 2023

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Entrance to university has become increasingly competitive and complicated in recent years, and yet Brampton students gain places every year on fiercely contested courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Economic, Psychology and English. Foreign Languages are always viewed upon favourably on an application.

Brampton College offers a wide range of modern languages; German, French, Spanish, Italian, Modern Hebrew and Mandarin.

Foreign languages provide a competitive edge when applying to universities and also for jobs. The ability to communicate in more than one language expands your view of the world, people and their culture. An additional language is a distinct advantage and is a highly marketable skill in the global job market, and of course it enhances your travel experience.

Over the past few years, students studying language at Brampton have achieved outstanding results:


French   A*/A 70%    A* – B 96%

Spanish   A*/A 65%    A* – B 76%

Italian       A*/A 67%    A* – B 100%

German    A*/A 100%   A* – B 100%

If you’re interested to hear more about our language courses, please contact Pam in Admissions at