Extra Curricular

Life at Brampton isn’t all about study. We wholly encourage participation in extra-curricular activities to develop personal interests, learn new skills, support university applications or simply to have fun.

There’s a whole range of activities to get involved in, from serious commitments like the Duke of Edinburgh Award, voluntary work or chairing a charity fundraising group to light hearted (but competitive!) relief such as table-tennis, badminton or a trip to the theatre.

We have a football team, a student council, a photography club; we go to lectures, cinema and exhibitions in town; there’s a chess club, netball, visiting speakers on a variety of topics, first aid courses, and the ever-popular Pro-share competition too – all designed to help you achieve that important work-life balance. Take a look at our full extra-curricular programme here:

Duke of Edinburgh Award Football
Lecture Trips Debating Society
Charity Committee Science Olympiads
Chess Club Senior Maths Challenge
Student Council Pro-Share Competition
Theatre Club Medical Forum
First Aid Badminton
Table Tennis Photography Club