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Brampton Student Awards

Posted: 15th February 2011

pupil shaking hands with a teacher

An A level course is a long and difficult journey. Vital to the students’ A level success at Brampton is the encouragement they receive along the way, and the celebration of their achievement. Heads of Department have their own ways of saying “well done”, like Head of English, Martyn Crucefix, whose students love to have their efforts recognised by his monthly award for the best student Performance in English – the PIE award. In January students gathered to applaud the efforts of their fellows at lunchtime awards assemblies for AS and A2.

Among the recipients was Mehdi Goudarzi, who gained a silver award at the British Physics Olympiad, which put him just outside the top 100 young physicists in the country. But prizes also went to many others for effort and improvement as well as achievement, like Elliot Kent and Lisa Benisty who have shown such enthusiasm and commitment to their studies. Heads of Department took the opportunity to flag up the criteria of what it means to be committed to one’s studies – 100% attendance and punctuality, organisation, all work determinedly attempted and submitted on time, and seeking help when you need it.

Judging from the competition for awards, we think this year’s students are getting the message!


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