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January Exam Results

Posted: 4th March 2011

Brampton’s January A level exams yielded once again a bumper crop of the highest grades, with 96% of entries achieving an A or A* . For many students, the results made a huge difference to their future prospects. Karen Barnes’ A grades in Maths and Biology, for example, saw her dreams of going to medical school come true, while Isabel Roberts’s A* in History secured her chosen place for Geography. Sonali Chandni scored a fantastic 100% in three out of four Chemistry A level modules (and got 96% in the fourth!). Even more impressive is the fact that Sonali achieved this remarkable feat while commuting daily from Nottingham!

Brampton’s unrivalled team of expert A level teachers, highly qualified and steeped in examining experience, continues to provide the best opportunity in London for students needing to retake A levels in order to gain entrance to the most competitive university degrees

Mike Wheeldon
Vice Principal

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