Record Breaking Students Transfer to Brampton College

17th September 15

This year, 26 students have joined us from other schools, deciding to complete their A levels with us. We typically get a few students like this, but this year’s number is record breaking. We absolutely welcome these students to our...

Talk on Medical Research

17th September 15

Brampton College alumni, Benji Rosen, went on to medical school in London. During his third year there he dedicated nine months to analysing new treatments for cancer, in particular the use of viruses as a means to destruct tumor cells....


Sociology Speaker

17th September 15

On Thursday, 10th September, Naomi Ebanks visited Brampton College to deliver a talk on ethnic minorities and the criminal justice system to A1 and A2 sociology students, who study the topic as part of the A-level syllabus. London-born Naomi, 20,...

Retakes – our critical advice to you

10th September 15

We are in the midst of our enrolment period, meeting a range of students with very different needs, who are considering coming to Brampton. During this time, we have been quite alarmed at the number of students we’ve met, who...

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