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Talk on Medical Research

Posted: 16th September 2015

Brampton College alumni, Benji Rosen, went on to medical school in London. During his third year there he dedicated nine months to analysing new treatments for cancer, in particular the use of viruses as a means to destruct tumor cells.

He has patiently developed a research project examining the measles vaccine virus and the way that it kills certain cancerous cells. As part of this, he discovered that some cancer cells cannot produce a ‘defence molecule’, called an interferon, which makes them less able to survive the virus. This is a small, and yet critical, insight and Benji’s research could have global implications for the way that some cancer patients are treated.

We are very proud of Benji’s achievements so far and were very excited to welcome him back to the college last Wednesday at the Medical Forum. Both students and teachers found Benji’s talk especially captivating. Mena, a current student at the college said “The whole talk was really inspiring – from his ground-breaking research on interferons to his personal story. It was amazing!

Benji said of the day “Today’s been very nostalgic. I made great friends at Brampton College and always appreciated the support that the teachers offered. My plan now is to continue my research on oncolytic viruses, but also find the time to teach.”

The Medical Forum will feature many external speakers this term from all branches of the Medical Professions.


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