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Half Term Trip to New York

Posted: 12th November 2015

New York is an amazing city in anybody’s opinion – however, I feel visiting as an art and photography student was a completely different experience. Aside from the obvious tourist attractions, we learnt a lot about the city from gallery visits and exploring the hidden parts.

The trip was exciting as we were always on the go and this ensured that there wasn’t a dull moment made the most of the time we had by walking to each destination, which let us gage New York as a resident, as opposed to a tourist. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the well-anticipated galleries such as the MOMA and The Met – the enormity of these galleries was truly overwhelming and it was amazing to see the large spectrum of the different kinds of work on display. My favourite part of the trip was the visit to Chelsea and seeing all of the commercial galleries as it was inspiring to see the work of upcoming artists and this further widened our understanding of organic New York art.

Overall, the trip was incredible and I would go back and do everything again anyday!

Shruti Lal, A2 Art Student

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