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Staff Hotseat – Kerry Pearson

Posted: 1st June 2016

Your role at Brampton College…

Second in Chemistry. I work closely with Susan, Head of Chemistry, to ensure the department runs smoothly. And I make notice boards look pretty!

My subject is the best because…

You get to spend lessons legitimately burning things! In all seriousness, Chemistry is great for developing invaluable problem-solving skills which can be applied to any career. The study of Chemistry is fascinating because it provides logical explanations for why stuff happens at an atomic and molecular level – for example why ice floats on water. When you think about some of the biggest advancements of mankind, such as the development of synthetic polymers or the large scale distillation of crude oil, chemists (for better or worse) have literally helped shape the modern world.

I am most proud of…

Students that I have taught that never give up even when it gets tough, and then go on to exceed their own and everyone else’s expectations. Personally, my proudest achievements have come from my kayaking for precisely the reason that it is not something that has come easily to me. I have played canoe polo since Uni but it is not something that I was naturally good at. However I really wanted to play at a high level and 13 years on from starting I am proud to have represented my country in the sport, won Ladies Division 1 with my team, and played 2 seasons in Open National Division 2 (which is mostly male dominated).

The most interesting fact about me is….

I lived in Hong Kong for the first 12 years of my life. Unfortunately I don’t remember a lot about that time as I have a ridiculously poor capacity to retain things I’ve done/places I’ve been even going back a few years. I take lots of photos of holidays because I know otherwise I will have no recollection of what happened!

When I’m not at the college, you’ll find me….

In one of my 5 kayaks. I have so many because they are all for different things. I have 2 polo boats, one for training and one for competition. This is because it’s such a violent sport! The training boat is more durable and gets battered on a weekly basis and my comp boat is top spec, super light to give those all important few seconds advantage on sprints for the ball. I have a slalom boat as I am dabbling in this new discipline. I also own 2 white water kayaks, one which spins and plays and a slightly more stable one for larger volume water. I have only recently discovered Lea Valley White Water Centre which is an awesome place to take them!

Brampton is best because….

It provides a really unique environment where teachers get the opportunity to teach all students as individuals. Brampton is unbelievably flexible to the needs of students in order for them to pursue their passions and fulfil their potential. I’ve also been blessed that Brampton has afforded that level of flexibility to me as well allowing me to train and compete internationally with the GB ladies canoe polo squad.
Kerry Pearson
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