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Art & Photography Trip to Berlin

Posted: 17th November 2016

School Trips

On the 19th of October A2 Art and Photography students went to Berlin for four days. It was a lovely trip not only because of all the galleries and art we were able to see, but also for educational purposes. I loved visiting the Berlin Wall and learning about its relevance in history for Germany and the rest of the world, alongside the global impact it had when it was broken down to unify the country again. What I found made Berlin so beautiful was the merging together of past and present and the ease with which the city accepted its history. For example, when we visited Museum Island on the last day, we were able to see bullet holes inside the museum walls mixed in with the historical architecture. The museum which stood out for me was Neues Museum. David Chipperfield was the architect who brought together old fragments of the building and merged them with modern architecture to create a beautiful and dramatic interior to it.

Lara Laverini, A2 Art Student