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Psychology Conference

Posted: 13th December 2016

Budding Brampton Psychologists attended a conference last week, covering topics from hypnosis to the role hormones play in our dancing! Here’s what the students had to say:

It was a very enjoyable and delightful outing. We were lucky enough to hear various speakers including hypnotist Andrew Newton share their experiences centred around Pseudoscience. It was particularly fascinating seeing just how oblivious and unaware volunteers were whilst hypnotised.”

Hashim Khan

I particularly enjoyed Dr Dances segment where he spoke to us about the effect hormones have on our dancing. We all participated in a dance sequence which increased in intensity and speed, before he highlighted the importance of dance to the mind. Overall it was an incredibly enjoyable day.”

Gemma Adamis

I particularly enjoyed the hypnosis half of the trip. The spectacular Andrew Newton was able to remove the control and conscious of various students through hypnosis. Through the ability of their imagination, Andrew was able to transform the behaviour of these students into the unconscious, this was fascinating as the full control he possess over the students mesmerised us. For example he created the situation in the students minds that smelling their shoe was the way they got oxygen on an emergency drill on a plane. They did this with no hesitation and this was hilarious for the audience.”

Nancy Bechara

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