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Staff Hotseat- Adam Bainbridge

Posted: 23rd May 2017

My name

Adam Bainbridge

My subject is the best because

I’m an art teacher

I love my role because

You choose what the subject is about! You choose what fits your interests. We need to learn how to be creative too; it underpins everything we do, how we think and solve problems. Whether you end up being an artist or a designer or something entirely different, you still need to be able to think and act creatively. Art helps us communicate, share experiences and understand ourselves better. We need art more than ever.

I am most proud of

Inspired by Masterchef, I made a pasta ravioli with a hot runny egg yoke in the centre last week. Does that count? It was delicious.

The most interesting fact about me is

I’m from a small town called Boston in Lincolnshire. It was the most pro-Brexit town in Britain in the EU referendum. Paul Nuttall of UKIP has decided to stand in the constituency in the upcoming election. I don’t live there anymore. I voted Remain.

When I’m not at the college, you’ll find me

In my studio. As well as teaching, I make my own artwork. I studied at the Royal College of Art and make small, detailed drawings using pencil. Recent drawings have been of mist and fog. I’m trying to draw something which can’t really be seen.

Brampton is best because

It’s friendly but challenging and students do very well here. It’s close to Mr Baker too who sell nice falafel.


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