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5 Time Management Tips for Students

Posted: 15th March 2019

Managing your time well is an essential skill in successful study. Most students have busy lives and from time to time, everyone suffers from a lack of motivation. These factors can have a negative impact on your study plans and cause you to fall behind or feel stressed and frustrated.

Michelle Obama is an example of someone who has admitted that studying did not come easily for her. She had to work very hard and use her strengths to become successful, and she now inspires and helps people all around the world. Michelle Obama has her own favourite study methods, which she believes will help young people reach their goals:Michelle Obama

  • Put in extra time
  • Ask for help when it’s needed
  • Pace yourself
  • Don’t procrastinate

By approaching her studies in this way, Michelle Obama was able to become a successful lawyer in a prestigious company and before being made partner, she carried out public service work to help many people who couldn’t afford lawyer’s fees.

In this article we share some of our own top time management tips for students, with the aim of helping you get organised and feel motivated…

  1. Stay focused

Our first and most important tip for successful time management is to take a break from your phones and tablets. When it is time to study, turn them off and put them out of sight. You will be amazed by how much more work you get done when your phone isn’t a distraction.

  1. Time it right

Are you a morning person or do you find you are most productive in the evening? Working out when you are most productive and setting this time aside for study, will help you to stay focused and achieve more.

  1. Make a to-do list

Writing a to-do list will help you to feel less stressed about your mounting workload and keep track of all your tasks. Ticking off each task once it has been completed, will also help to keep you motivated.

  1. Make a workspace

It is a good idea to work and relax in different places. For example, try to do your work up at a table as opposed to on the sofa. This reinforces the distinction between the two, and makes it easier to concentrate when you are studying.

  1. Take a break

When you have an effective study routine in place and you begin to tick off all the tasks on your list – make sure you reward yourself. This will keep you motivated and incentivise you to keep up the good work. Whether you enjoy going out with friends or watching the latest episode of your favourite series; set time aside for yourself to enjoy these activities after a productive day of studying.

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