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On-going success for our Art and Photography Department and why more students should consider studying Art

Posted: 29th August 2019

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Exceptional results in A levels and GCSEs

Students at Brampton College did fantastically well in both A levels and GCSEs across the board, but our Art Department, in particular, had exceptional success this year. For the fourth year running, 100% of students achieved A*- B in both Art and Photography subjects, with an outstanding 86% achieving A*/A in Art (compared to 28% national average). Our GCSE students also performed incredibly well with 100% achieving grades 9-6, 25% of which were 9 (worth more than the previous A* grade).

Particular congratulations goes to Mia Emmett who did a retake course this year and improved her grade D to a grade A, and to Harry Ezzat who achieved an A* and is off to study Art Foundation at Central St Martins.

In previous years, our Art and Photography students have gone on to study at many of the most prestigious institutions, including UAL and the London College of Fashion to name but two. Our students also regularly go on to study Architecture.

A special mention to Talia Collis who went on to study Photography at Parsons in New York and is now directing video content for Vogue USA, notably a recent documentary for the Met Gala. Also to former Brampton Art student, Essie Buckman, who did an Art Foundation course and degree at Central St Martins and now has her own highly successful designer label.

Why more students should consider studying Art….

Studying Art or Photography A level at Brampton College has many benefits which individuals should consider when choosing their subjects. Students learn to creatively express themselves and become more imaginative, innovative and inventive. These are all highly valuable skills both personally and professionally. Learning how to generate ideas and develop them from an initial starting point to a fully realised outcome is important in whatever career path students choose – not just those directly associated with the Arts.

Creative skills are crucial in all kinds of careers, so even if the end goal isn’t to become the next David Hockney or Tracy Emin, it’s important not to overlook how much students can benefit from an Arts A level. In a recent report from the World Economic Forum, analysing the most important and in demand skills for the coming years, ‘Creativity’ came third on the list. In such a fast-changing world, it’s those students who can think creatively and innovatively who will be best equipped for its challenges.

The transferable creative skills learnt by studying Art or Photography A level at Brampton are therefore useful in a wide range of future careers. They give students the opportunity to improve their problem solving and design skills and help them nurture their creativity to cultivate new ideas. As well as developing personal skills and new creative techniques, students at Brampton are also introduced to a wide range of techniques and processes including painting, printmaking, photography (both digital and darkroom), sculpture and textiles. Teaching staff help students with ideas for their work, but in the end its students themselves who take ownership of their projects and shape them depending on their own passions and interests. This in turn increases self-confidence and motivation, two more qualities essential to do well in the work place.

Don’t be put off by your previous experience of studying Art!

Adam Bainbridge, Head of Art (Acting) says, “I don’t think students realise that they can succeed in art and photography without having ‘traditional’ art skills. if a pupil believes they can’t draw, they think they’re poor at art and not creative. As a result, by the time someone reaches GCSE or A level, I believe they have a more fixed idea about whether they can do an arts subject compared to subjects in other areas. This is a huge misconception. Students still need to be enthusiastic and show a genuine interest to learn, but too many people think they’re not creative and that’s a problem. In my experience, I’ve seen many students’ creative talent and ability nurtured, despite not having a significant arts background, resulting in some fantastic grades.”

Enquire about Art and Photography courses at Brampton now

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