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Students enjoy ‘Joyeux Noel’ at the Institut Francais

Posted: 17th December 2019

students from an independent college in london enjoying a meal

On December 10th, the French A level students took part in a French Set Day at the Institut Français in South Kensington, where they watched a movie called Joyeux Noel.

This movie is based on a true story, which happened in 1914, during WWI in the French trenches where the Scottish, French and German troops fraternized during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This movie is relevant to today’s generation and viewers as it portrays the idea of fraternisation between different cultures. Joyeux Noel is a truly European production made with funds from various EU countries and with French, German, British and Belgian cast. As such, it serves as a powerful reminder of the reason why the EU was created in this first place: to avoid another war.

After the movie, students had the opportunity to taste French gastronomy with a lunch at Margaux, a local French restaurant, where they enjoyed dishes such as Ragout de Veau, Saumon en Croute & Tarte Tatin!

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