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An inspiring day for our prospective Medical students

Posted: 4th December 2020

Medical Students

Brampton College is proud of it’s reputation in placing students in Medical Schools in the UK. Last year, no fewer than 16 of our students were able to take up places at their chosen universities to study medicine or dentistry.

Students who apply to read medicine or dentistry at Brampton are automatically enrolled to be a part of our Medical Programme, which takes place periodically during the first year of A level and weekly during the second year up until students are called for interview. Students are supported by our leadership team and careers service on a one-to-one basis throughout the process to ensure that their applications are as strong as they can be.

A significant part of any medical school application is the interview, which can be a daunting experience. This year in particular, as several medical schools have chosen to operate online interviews using a variety of different methods, careful preparation for this process is essential.

Brampton students can arrange for as many practice interviews as they need with our experienced staff, several of whom have experience of preparing students for medical school interviews. On Wednesday 2nd December, we held a mock interview day for all of our medical school applicants. The day included a full mock interview for each candidate with feedback from our interviewers and a seminar on the interview process and on life at medical school.

We were fortunate to be joined on the day by Khadija Owusu, a fifth year medical student at St George’s University. Khadija is also a founding member and the Director of Programmes at Melanin Medics, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting diversity in Medicine whilst supporting African and Caribbean aspiring students, medical students and doctors. She has been a guest of Michelle Obama at the White House, honoured by Powerful Media as a top 150 future leader and appeared as guest with the BBC, ITV and Channel 5.

The day was extremely successful and all of our medical students left feeling supported and better prepared for their up-coming interviews.

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