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A beautiful array of artwork at our students’ annual art exhibition

Posted: 23rd June 2021

An image of a poster with a cake cut into slices for Talji Bakes london

This year’s Art and Photography students held their end of year exhibition yesterday evening, presenting the work they’ve been making over the course of the year. It was great to see the work outside of the art room and properly displayed. It’s a really good opportunity for students to see the fruits of their labour on the walls and say goodbye before they leave for university.

It was exciting to finally see Lola Wendon’s sculptures which she was making at home throughout lockdown. Whilst we were working remotely, Lola transformed her bedroom into a sculpture studio, rolling back the carpet so she could build the figures using steel rods, bags of plaster and resin. The outcomes were exceptional.

Tali Jobanputra’s photography project was orientated around her love of baking. She finally got her recipe book printed which she has been diligently compiling over the last few months. Her food photography was excellent, and the accompanying recipes as good. Her shortbread with pistachio and rose petal is an absolute triumph.

Working in lockdown meant that for many working on their projects became much more difficult, but Ben Arkus was able to make the most of the very difficult circumstances. Ben presented a series of eerie images of London during lockdown. Places that would normally be bustling with people appear ghostly quiet.

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