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Brampton College ski trip 2022

Posted: 2nd March 2022

All students smiling on the ski trip

It is all about the adrenaline rush. It’s such an amazing feeling. It’s hard to fully describe unless you experience it, but it’s a combination of excitement, loss of control, exhilaration and a sense of freedom all wrapped up in one. There’s also an element of danger, which is indeed the fun part. On top of experiencing this pleasurable sport, going with Brampton and fellow classmates is what made this trip a memorable one.

Day one of the ski trip was the most exciting. Everyone was thrilled to get there. 5:30am and the speaker was on its highest volume, and everyone was singing and having a good time. As the trip went on and we spent more time with each other, we all became closer and developed a lovely bond.

Nick and Lindsay (staff), who took us on this trip made it truly special. They became so much more than teachers to us and took extreme care of us, making sure our trip was exceptional. On behalf of all the students who came with us, we are very grateful that Nick and Lindsay organised it. Thank you for the fun trip and incredible memories, we will all cherish them forever.

Here’s what some other students had to say…

‘‘Best trip ever, I’m missing it a lot. One of my favourite memories to take away for sure!” Zehra

The rushing while speeding down the hill was so refreshing.” Will

Best school trip ever. I was on the floor crying with laughter 95% of the time.” Elliot

By Siana Patel

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