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Venice Street Photography

Posted: 22nd November 2022

Person taking a photo of the stairs

I am really glad that I got a chance to go to the Venice Biennale with the college. We had a wonderful time there and I learnt a lot from the mind-blowing exhibitions. Venice is such a dreamy and photogenic place, the lighting in there is always dramatic, it was like waking up in a movie set each day. The itinerary was packed each day and we had lots to do and see.

I spent a lot of my time capturing precious moments. I tried various new photography skills and techniques there, such as long exposures at night on our way back to the hotel as well as film photography. My theme for my trip is street photography. Through my lens I captured Venice, not only the landscape but also how the people live. Venice is known as a floating city, there are canals going through the city, which I found very attractive and compelling to photograph. It was great to travel with schoolmates as we got to know each other more as well as creating some remarkable memories.

By Luca Tam
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