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Science Research Club launched in Brampton!

Posted: 15th December 2022

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Hi, I’m Zahra and I started and run the Science Research Club here at Brampton College alongside my peer, Madina.

We are second year A level students, both hoping to pursue a STEM subject at university. I intend to study biomedical engineering and Madina hopes to pursue a career as a doctor with a degree in medicine.

We set up the science club during our first year at Brampton College to share our enthusiasm for science and hopefully inspire others with a similar appreciation.

At the time, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in science but had no idea which area of science was for me. Researching for the science club gave me the opportunity to explore many different branches of science, eventually landing on genetic engineering. Genetic engineering piqued my interest and helped me to find biomedical engineering which I have chosen to do at university!

The students appreciate the freedom the club brings. Topics are chosen by the students, researched by Madina and I, then presented to the students in an interactive format. The students enjoy the aspect of learning about issues that are not covered in the curriculum and being able to mould their independent research around their own interests. “I like that we get to learn about things we don’t get to learn in the classroom and that we can choose our own topics, it makes it more interesting.” – Mithulan and Ryan, current members of the science club.

The club offers students the opportunity to discuss and debate a variety of science-related topics. We discuss recent developments in biomedical technology, for example, regenerative medicine using stem cells in athletes. Students discussed the controversy around this and debated for and against stem cell therapies.  More so, is cannibalism and murder products of nature or nurture? The discussion-based structure gives students a voice and develops their teamwork and ability to form an opinion on current affairs.

We have really enjoyed playing the role of  teachers. Not only have we developed our own reflective and empathetic skills but also created  a positive  learning environment motivated by our passion.

Zahra, student

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