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Thomas tells us why studying language at A level is a long term advantage!

Posted: 20th September 2023


Thomas Rassmussen achieved an A* in his German A level and tells us how Brampton College helped him and how he intends on using his language in the future!

Tell us what you achieved in your A levels? In my A levels I achieved an A* in German, an A in Economics and a B in Computer Science.

Where are you going on to study and which subject? I plan on at studying at London City University, for a degree in Economics.

Tell us why you originally came to Brampton College? It was recommend to me and my family by multiple people in our neighbourhood.

How has Brampton helped you achieve your grade? I would say that Brampton’s standout feature is their excellent teaching. The teachers are always there for you, in and outside of lessons. This helped me get my desired grades, as any problems or questions that I had could be resolved and answered very quickly. This is in part due to the tutorials offered by the college, which act as additional teaching and a place to ask questions outside of lessons.

You excelled in your German A level – congratulations! Tell us why you chose to do this subject at A level. Because I already had a strong foundation in German, doing an A level would allow me to solidify my German abilities and knowledge, as well as build upon my already strong capabilities.

What’s been special about taking a language course at Brampton – how did they help you achieve your A*? The teaching was extremely interactive. This meant that lessons were never dull and it allowed for constantly evolving discussions and learning possibilities.

What are your aspirations for using German in the future? Since I plan on studying Economics, which is an extremely global area of expertise, German will allow me to confidently speak and interact with co-workers and clients operating with the German speaking field.

What would you say to someone considering coming to Brampton College, but too nervous to leave their old school? I would highly recommend it, as it has really helped me achieve my desired grades, without reducing the level of challenge. This is due to the aforementioned excellent teaching and the smaller classes, which allow the teachers to cover each students needs. The weekly form meetings with my personal tutor always made me feel heard and respected.

We wish Thomas the best of luck in his journey.

As well as German, Brampton College also teaches: French, Spanish and Italian. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact Admissions here .

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