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Damini’s artwork “blew the judges away”!

Posted: 15th November 2023

Damini's artwork
We’re delighted to announce that Damini Datani’s (class of 2023) artwork, ‘Blue Takes Over’ was awarded the 2nd prize certificate in the Key Stage 5 ISA National Art Award last week. The piece explores issues of mental health and aims to normalise these as everyday struggles that anyone can have and we were told that it “blew the judges away”! Congratulations to Damini and thank you to Hannah and Adam for all you did to support Damini with this beautiful and thought-provoking piece

Here Damini, who is now at the University of Bath studying Crimonology, explains her artwork in more detail:
This piece incorporates a contrast of dark, aggressive tiles with colourful portraits to convey the theme of mental health. Various materials are used to metaphorically represent psychological instability, with fragile materials like plaster suggesting vulnerability and emotional fragility, while dense, dark text tiles symbolise moments of sadness. The use of rough materials expresses inner turmoil, while smooth and flowing tiles represent calm and tranquillity. The piece brings together a variety of skills and materials explored during the project, with each tile conveying unique ideas that collectively depict the significance of the theme.
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