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A level Geographers busy on field trips

Posted: 7th December 2023

GCSE Geographers embarked on a trip to Southend on 6th November
to investigate coastal management and collect data on the impact of
groynes at this location. A cold but bright day allowed for students to
practise field methods, beach gradient, groyne height and a sediment
analysis was carried out! Students work well in groups to verify their
data and produce a coherent write up of our findings.

On 16th November, the Geography AS students when on a trip to
Stratford, London to investigate the impact and success of
regeneration strategies. They carried out field techniques and collated
data on the disparity in the area. 20,000 steps took them through the
QEOP, on to Fish lsland, Hackney Wick and finishing in Stratford New
Town. Students worked well to investigate the theme.

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