A Level Results Day
students hugging on results day

“I want to thank you for believing in my daughter”

26th January 23

What a lovely note from one of our parents to the Principal! This is what it’s all about: investing time to properly understand the needs of each of our students; to have an unwavering and wholehearted commitment to never give...

Film Studies

“I’d definitely recommend Film Studies!”

25th January 23

It wasn’t until I began the subject that I understood what really goes into the making of a good film. So far, A level Film Studies has given me a deeper knowledge of older and modern films, whilst also giving...

Home is Everything

Because home is everything…

19th January 23

Brampton has a longstanding history of helping a multitude of charities, from WWF to Greenpeace to Young Minds, which has inspired Brampton pupils to also take action of their own. On the 14th of December 2022, the Brampton College Student...

People protesting outside the White House

It’s a year since Roe vs Wade was overturned, since then what are the implemented effects today?

12th January 23

Roe vs Wade is the name of a lawsuit that led to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decison to establish abortion as legal in 1973. Yet it was never decided as a constitutional right and kept in the process of...

girls working in a sweat shop

The Misogyny Behind Fast Fashion

11th January 23

We’ve all fallen victim to the Fashion world. It’s an embarrassing, uncomfortable thought, I know. But it’s true: we’ve all been tricked into believing that we have to be keeping up with the trends, buying and discarding clothes on a...

tall buildings with greenery around them

Students explore the concept of sustainable ‘Future Cities’

11th January 23

Last term some of the AS student’s took part in a ‘Future Cities’ project where they considered what a sustainable city might look like and made prototypes of their designs using recycled materials and audio recorded their interpretations. It was...

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