A Level Results Day
cut outs of dancers

Isaac Curiel on his artwork

29th October 18

Isaac is taking his AS art during his first year at Brampton – he is currently looking at figurative focused work “For my project within the theme of ‘Space’, I have chosen to look at dancers and theatre. More specifically,...

a landfill site

Plastic: why should we fear it? Updated: Dec 13, 2018

29th October 18

12.7 million tonnes. To most, a figure that seems incomprehensible, abstract, a number that borders on alien. I can’t even picture or begin to formulate what 12.7 million tonnes looks like or feels like. That in fact is the amount...

Cow Farm

Is veganism worth it?

28th October 18

No cheese, no steak, no eggs, no chicken nuggets… For many people, meat and dairy products would be very difficult to give up. Whether that is saying no to homemade lasagne or a brownie. In spite of this challenge to...

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