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19th March 15

This morning six of our keen scientists Riya Adamjee; Sibo Cheng; Sneha Shah; Ricky Savva; Jetheesan Sivasubramaniam; and Rachel Shamtoob were invited to The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee of the House of Commons. It was an interesting way to find...

GCSE Theatre Visit

19th March 15

Last week the GCSE English students were lucky enough to see a production of A View from the Bridge, by Arthur Miller, a play they have been studying in class. The Young Vic production at the Wyndham’s Theatre has received...


Planning for Exams

16th March 15

Bernard Canetti, the Principal, spoke to our AS students today to make sure that they understood the importance of their AS examinations. He spoke to them of the need for clear, realistic revision plans and the importance of producing nothing...

A2 Student Awards

12th March 15

Yesterday, we were delighted to recognise the achievements of Brampton students at an assembly attended by most of our A2 students. Twelve Brampton students entered the British Biology Olympiad and we are thrilled that they have done so well. Congratulations...


WE Day

11th March 15

We Day is the movement that empowers a generation of young citizens through an inspirational event and a year-long educational initiative. Six students from our college attended a stadium sized event that brings together world renowned speakers and performers from...

Geography Investigations

10th March 15

Brampton’s A level Geography student have had a busy term! AS geographers completed fieldwork at the Field Study Council’s Epping Forest Field Centre, Juniper Hall Field Centre and London Projects respectively. The first day involved a slippery storm discharge experiment...

Biology Students Visit Reading University

9th March 15

All of the final year Biology students attended the National Centre for Biotechnology in Education at Reading University. They carried out PCR, Gel electrophoresis and put plasmids into E.coli. The Brampton students worked in the type of lab they will...

A level Reforms

2nd March 15

As you may be aware, the Government has introduced a fundamental change to the A level curriculum which is being implemented in stages from September 2015 to September 2017. This involves the most radical change in the structure of A...

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